Tools & Resources


When I first started my journey online, I didn’t know what I was doing or where to go for the answers. I also didn’t have the tools and resources that I needed in order to start my own business. Until I got the help and guidance I needed.

I decided to create this page for those of you who are interested in creating your own online business, and I thought it would be helpful to list the same tools and resources that I used to get started.

Over time, this page will be updated; as well as my website, so I recommend you bookmark this page and come back to it often.

Most Recommended


Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate: This is where I learned how to get started in online business and it is the only community that I trust for honest, top-notch training on how to create an online business and make money at the same time. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for its training, tools, live support and including hosting.

You can read my full review here.

Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is an amazing keyword research tool. At the beginning of this year, I was a complete newbie to keyword research and the SEO worldNow it’s something that has just become apart of my daily routine. It really makes me feel good to do niche research and have all the data I need to know about that niche and seeing how much potential it has.


You can read the full review here.


Website Theme

CPO Themes: I’ve used free WordPress themes for many years. However, I have always been the type of person who has always wanted to take my website a little further. Because of this, I want to install a theme that would allow me to manipulate my site however I wanted. I didn’t have a lot, but I was looking for a theme that could do a lot. That’s when I decided to look for a premium theme. Which led me to CPO Themes. They offer over 25 premium themes at an incredibly low price. Their designs look great and their most popular theme is extremely customizable. In fact, this very blog has been running on CPO Themes.

Email Marketing Tool

Mail Chimp EmailMailChimp: Building an e-mail list of prospects is very important to every business, online and offline. MailChimp is one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the field of e-mail marketing. Their cheapest plan that includes an auto-responder is only $10/month which is a lot cheaper than most other providers.

Video Editing Software

Final Cut Pro: When it comes to editing videos and having the right sound quality, you will need a editing software that can get the job done. Final Cut Pro definitely gets the job done. I use this for editing my videos and vocals. It is also well known for being the “go-to” for professional videographers. It really comes in handy when I’m searching for the right effects and transitions to input into my video.